Overlander tent trailer Build

Hi and welcome on my Overlander tent trailer Build project site!

It is 4 okt. 2016 World Animal Day.

Yesterday evening I made up my mind to do the thing I want to do. Step in my car a drive to the world end… Since the World is round there will be no end. Still I want to do this… 🙂
In order to do so, I need a vehicle that can support my needs allong the way.

Since I have experience driving and working on Suzuki 4 x4  vehicles the choice is easy… A 5 door Suzuki Vitara has to do it.
It wil undergo a metamorfices from standaard to far more capable 4X4  Camp and Tour vehicle.

Thats why I called this page ” Overlander Vitara, the beginning”

What the h**k is Overlanding I hear you say.
Overlanding is visiting the world by car driving it, stay away for mounths even years from home. Be a bit of a survivallist but withall  comforts of a car, camp gear etc. but very basic. There is not a special car that is only suiteble to do this kind of trips..  Some drive big Trucks, some drive a Citroen 2cv!  Most drive Toyota’s or Landrovers.


How did I get to this “Overlanding”…

Well there are a few factors.

Well to honest… I love my job but there is more to live… Things around me are changing. My son is leaving home to travel the world as a Backpacker. This was a trigger for me to want to do more then just work.. I was more like him when I was a young guy.. He actually takes his live and his freedom to do more with it, make memories.. I support him  doing that under his own power… I wish my parents had done that for me.

Previous years of holiday enjoyment.Overlander

In the last few years my son and I tested several Holiday options like staying in a B&B, renting a mobile home, a tent trailer, camping sites etc.
I loved every aspect but my conclusion was I really loved the tent trailer in terms of easy setup, mobility, sleep/bed quality etc.
Cooking is never a problem as long there is a fire… Okay… I wil need to work on campfire cooing skills though. 🙂

I Also enjoyed the travel to the destination. The problem always was that there was a time stamp! There always was an arrival date and a departing day.  It occurred to me that It took the fun out of the travel and I enjoyed the travel (journey) less.

Then there is an other more personal point… I’m not getting younger, (born in 1961) If I want to see something of the world I need to do it “now” while still having my health. Not that I’m sick or anything. No not at all, but we all know people who work al there lives and when they are pensionnadas, soon after that “kick the bucket”…
Had no enjoyment out of there earnings.. after years of hard labor.

I want to take my prior off road experience, my technical automotif street side mechanic skills, my longing to see the world and travel from culture to culture, get a better picture of the world and all it good things, help out here and there.. while I’m still capable, so hopefully a very long time..

Now to the Overlanding thing…

When I planned my 2016 vacation I came across a Internet site of a couple (man and wife) who started overlanding with a goal to do this 2 years  and after that pick-up “normal lives” afterwards…. That was more then 12 years ago… they still do there overlanding…Make there income while doing what they love to do… How about that!.

What will happen here:

Well… Finding, buying, repairing and preparing my future Overlander vehicle, training my cat to come with me, Working to the point of goodbye and see you….
After that my story and adventures will bee placed here… getting to know my car, first of-road experiences with it, first camping out, car repairs and revisions, first hart-ship, you name it.
You find tips, tricks, welding, car technical stuff, Off-road stuff, links to information and travels…
It will grow as we go along. Let get it started

Enjoy and keep in touch!